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Automated Threat Detection Solutions


AiRanger™ Neural Network System

  • AI-enabled multispectral remote sensing systems rapidly delivering high-resolution geo-located imagery to mapping applications and viewers on browser-enabled devices across the enterprise

  • Manned & BVLOS UAS compatible flight hardware

  • Linear patrol and area mapping modes

  • Near real-time delivery from aircraft to cloud to your enterprise - with integrated threat detection, notification and imagery

  • Integrates with standard mapping applications.

  • Viewers available for rapid access to archives to monitor and track changing conditions

  • Post-flight image layers, orthomosaics, reports




AiRanger is an intelligent end-to-end airborne solution for critical infrastructure patrol and monitoring that operates on manned and unmanned aircraft. Utilizing Ai-enabled InstiMaps payloads, imagery of hazardous conditions is automatically identified and sent from the aircraft to the AiRanger Cloud Platform where it is automatically published and forwarded to authorized users across the enterprise. The system generates high-resolution, actionable data. Data delivered to experts in the field and across an enterprise when it is most needed, in near real-time.

America is increasingly managed by artificial intelligence (AI) and served by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). This technology combination will protect all critical infrastructure over time. AATI is leading the way by integrating airborne intelligence systems on BVLOS UAS with advanced communication and a geospatial cloud platform to assist infrastructure operators with safer, more rapid, and effective damage prevention programs.

AiRanger’ s geospatial cloud provides a secure platform that delivers critical imagery and data products in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant format. This enables data to be rapidly evaluated, analyzed, and shared with any browser-enabled device. Users extract information from imagery then analyze, classify, and visualize critical intelligence to accelerate decision-making.

OGC compliant outputs such as Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Map Service (WMS), and Web Coverage Service (WCS) are available. Additional formats and publication options include Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and extensions for Catalogue Service (CSW). Web Processing Service (WPS) can also be created.

AiRanger can be configured to operate in the cloud or on a local server. If an airborne network is available, sensor data can be downloaded during flight in near real time. No network? No problem. Data can also be published through a post-flight cloud service.



To learn more about the AiRanger platform, feel free to download the following supplemental information. 

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AiRanger is available as a service to be combined with AATI's Instimaps payload.