AiRanger™ Category 3 Unmanned Aircraft System 

  • Designed to achieve equivalent levels of safety through technology & procedural methodology

  • Multi-layered DAA Systems

  • Multiple/redundant communications options

  • Advanced flight planning and operations software

  • In process of Type Certification




Use Cases

Linear Infrastructure Patrol

Near Real-Time Threat Detection and Reporting

Safety & Environment

  • Machinery Threat

  • Liquid & Gas Leak Detection

  • 3rd Party Activity

  • Construction activity

  • Severe Weather Effects

  • Geotechnical Threat

  • Emergency Response

  • Leaks, fires, floods…


  • Improved Reports

  • Historical Records

  • HCA Analyses


  • Facilities Inspections

  • Compressor & Pumping Stations

  • Tank Inspections

  • Leak Detection

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Construction Management

  • Site Surveys

  • Vegetation Management

  • Security

  • ROW Conditions

More Information

AiRanger aircraft specifications sheet. 

The AiRanger is available as a service through AATI's Airborne Systems Groups, available for purchase, and also available to be configured with AATI's Instimaps payload.