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Flight Services

AATI has been flying long-endurance Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) “beyond visual line of sight” (BVLOS) in the National Airspace System since 2010. AATI has operated under many FAA-approved Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COAs) and completed hundreds of safe and successful BVLOS UAS flights across the country.


AATI assists customers with large-scale airspace development and establishing UAS policies, procedures and best practices. The company has assisted customers in obtaining airspace approvals for UAS operations covering more than 16,000 square miles across the country.

Working with the FAA and NASA, AATI is uniquely positioned to be an early authorized provider of UAS in US commercial airspace @ 1,000' - 10,000'.

The Right Tool For The Right Job

Advanced payloads, flight systems, and flight services for near real-time (nRT) infrastructure patrol,

emergency response and mapping. Flying long endurance UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

in the National Airspace System since 2010.

Conventional Aircraft

Using manned fixed-winged and helicopter platforms, AATI solutions can be used in all operating environments including off shore operations

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UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Leveraging extensive access to FAA approved airspace which permits use of larger UAS (>55lbs), AATI operates aircraft up to 220 pounds for extended operations. AATI's category 2 and 3 UAS have operational ceilings of up to 15,000 feet with upwards of 16 hour flight endurance.

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sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Operating under FAA Part 107 regulations and waivers, AATI deploys a dynamic fleet of sUAS for use cases where the value proposition fits best. Reliable, versatile, and effective, the AATI sUAS fleet supports missions of smaller scale,

Professional Services

The industry is transforming how it monitors infrastructure and responds to disasters. AATI is leading the way with both Ai-enabled real time remote sensing solutions and unmanned aviation.

As regulations progress and the industry matures, more and more organizations are transitioning to unmanned aviation. To develop effective solutions, operators must understand the uses cases, the complexities, and must established a comprehensive set of policies to effectively integrate UAS into their aviation operations. AATI provides support developing effective solutions,  evaluating use-cases, and standing up safe operations that comply with health and safety requirements.

UAS Airspace Development

Where you can fly. How you can fly. Limitations. Compliance,

AATI helps developing UAS programs navigate the complex regulatory and risk management environment associated with drones. We have authored many FAA Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COAs) across the country for small and large UAS flight operations. AATI works with customers to meet specific operational needs.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)
Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

Our dedicated team has over 75 years in Aviation Policy and Standards Development. We help customers balance their vision of the future with a clear understanding of evolving regulatory environment.  

  • Aviation-centric UAS Safety Management System Development

  • Policy expertise and guidance

  • Safe and compliant use of airspace

  • Program and Use case development 

  • Training - SMS and Flight

  • Subject Matter Experts - UAS

Sensor Integration, Test, & Evaluation

AATI integrates advanced sensors with manned aircraft, UAS and sUAS - enabling safe and efficient test, evaluation, and operation. We’ve integrated and tested many cutting-edge sensors and payloads including:

  • Survey-grade mapping payloads

  • Oil Spill Detection sensors

  • Stabilized surveillance payloads

  • Methane gas sensors

  • RF scanning technology

  • Precision weather instruments

  • Communication relay payloads

  • Airborne LTE

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