InstiMaps Automated 
Threat Detection 
Near Real-Time Reporting 
System for Pipeline Patrol


InstiMaps is an end-to-end pipeline patrol threat detection and reporting system. InstiMaps uses advanced airborne sensors, real-time artificial intelligence (AI) and LTE communications to detect, identify and report imminent threats from aircraft patrolling geographically distributed critical assets in near real-time. Imagery and identified threats are delivered within minutes of detection, in formats that can be seamlessly integrated into customer asset management platforms.

The InstiMaps Cloud supports company-wide operations, simultaneously publishing threats from multiple InstiMaps-equipped aircraft across the network 


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Pipeliners Podcast - InstiMaps

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Near Real-time Threat Reports, Post-Flight Encroachment Reports and Digital Maps

InstiMaps consists of a sensor pod, antennas, a tablet computer and a self-contained payload management system that are collectively Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) compliant. The airborne sensors system includes high resolution visible (Red-Green-Blue) and Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) cameras.


InstiMaps Is Future Proof

Not only has American Aerospace developed the InstiMaps hardware/software solution for aerial pipeline patrol, we are also actively developing future-proof platforms to carry the payload. We are looking for pipeline companies to share this journey with us.

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Contract Aircraft

In-House Aircraft

Digital technology enhances ability to detect threats to pipeline integrity. 

Our FAA-certified pod can be readily installed on your

in-house aircraft.


Long Range UAS

Our AiRanger carries InstiMaps over long distances and we are leaders in addressing regulation

Other Applications

Emergency Response

For emergency response, First Responders need to know the best routes to gain access to affected areas. Knowing if bridges survived the storm is important. Incident Commanders can task aircraft to gather imagery using InstiMaps. Georectified imagery is rapidly delivered to customer GIS platforms or viewed in an InstiMaps Web Map, Incident Commanders can see the condition of roadways and plan routes accordingly. The left image shows an nRT webmap of a proposed access route. Zooming in (right), the bridge is still standing. Zooming further (center) the same bridge can be viewed at a higher zoom level. Imagery from pre-incident flights can be displayed to compare conditions.


South Jersey Emergency Response Event NARTP

U.S. Forest Service UAS Demo Validates Capabilities

Unmanned Autonomous Aviation Systems as a Post-Disaster,
Human-Capital Force Multiplier

Drones bring cell service to areas hit by major storms

Upstream Oil & Gas

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