InstiMaps™ is a family of products and services that deliver georectified multispectral imagery in near real-time

from manned & unmanned aircraft.

With our advanced real-time machine learning solutions integrated, critical imagery can be visualized, evaluated and analyzed, then disseminated to experts in the field and across the enterprise in minutes when critical conditions are identified.

Near Real-Time Multispectral Mapping

Automated Airborne Threat Detection & near Real-Time Reporting


  • Manned Aircraft Payloads

  • Unmanned Aircraft Payloads


  • Near Real-Time Threat Detection & Reporting

  • Near Real-Time Visualization Tools

  • Post-Flight Threat Maps

  • Post-Flight Orthomosaics

  • Data Collection Services


  • Automates Work

  • Reduces Cost

  • Speeds Response

  • Increases Safety

  • Enhances Resilience

  • Creates Historical Record

  • Improves Reporting



Instimaps™ - Gen 3


Conventional (Manned) Aircraft

Cessna 172, 182, 206, 208

Other Aircraft - Inquiries Welcome


Unmanned Aircraft

InstiMaps is designed for integration with the AiRanger™ UAS

Other Aircraft - Inquiries Welcome

   The InstiMaps airborne payload includes high resolution visible and calibrated Long Wave IR cameras mounted on a light weight optical bench with integrated GPS/INS. InstiMaps directly geo-references all imagery in real-time and forwards to a cloud server for rapid publishing to authorized users on PC and Tablet.

  • Fully integrated end-to-end solution

  • Linear and area mapping modes

  • Simultaneous Visible and Long Wave IR sensors

  • Direct geo-referencing in real-time

  • Multiple lens options

  • Integrated GPS/INS

  • Onboard computers

  • Control over IP network

  • Variable-rate image capture

  • Continuous capture for hours

  • Optional real-time AI Module

Coverage Rates

InstiMaps operates in Linear Patrol Mode – at hundreds of linear miles per flight. In the Area Mapping Mode, InstiMaps can rapidly collect and publish orthomosaics covering hundred of square miles.






Instimaps Web Maps

From the InstiMaps server your georectified imagery, value added data products and data points are accessible to your team for exploitation. InstiMaps Web Map allows for review of your current collect, all past collects, historic and newly generated data points. Heat-maps, IR data thresholds, 3D point clouds and other data points are simultaneously accessible through Web Map.

Instimaps GeoPlayerTM

Instimaps GeoPlayer (Pat.: 9,363,462) enables detailed comparison of two georectified data sets in near Real-Time, comparing incoming flight data with any archived patrol data set in both visible and radiometric infrared. GeoPlayer is also used in post-flight mode for tracking hazard recovery, monitoring weather effects, sharing observations, reporting, and a wide variety of other applications.



Pipeline Patrol

Right-of-Way integrity managers are responsible for the condition of the ROW. Instimaps can be flown as often as necessary per regulatory requirements. Using InstiMaps Web Map, users can view geo-located data from all collects. The upper left picture shows several images along a ROW. Zooming in (upper right) shows an active construction project with an added data marker. The picture on the left is the same location from a subsequent collect showing the completed project.

Emergency Response

For emergency response, First Responders need to know the best routes to gain access to affected areas. Knowing if bridges survived the storm is important. Incident Commanders can task aircraft to gather imagery using InstiMaps. Georectified imagery is rapidly delivered to customer GIS platforms or viewed in an InstiMaps Web Map, Incident Commanders can see the condition of roadways and plan routes accordingly. The left image shows an nRT webmap of a proposed access route. Zooming in (right), the bridge is still standing. Zooming further (center) the same bridge can be viewed at a higher zoom level. Imagery from pre-incident flights can be displayed to compare conditions.

Fire Mapping

Where there's smoke there's fire. But where? Incident Commanders can task aircraft to gather imagery using Instimaps. Then with Instimaps Web Map, Incident Commanders can view VIS and IR imagery to better understand exactly where the fire line is. The upper left picture shows several images along a mountain ridgeline. Zooming in (upper right) and using the transparency tool shows a closer view of combined VIS and thresholded IR. The picture on the left is the same area at a higher zoom level with the thresholded IR turned up.

Maritime Patrol

InstiMaps can also be used for maritime applications. The left image presents a linear collect along a shipping channel.  On right, fused visible-infrared rapidly identifies a ship in the channel. Once the ship is located, zoom in for a closer look (center).



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