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AATI sells Resolute Eagle UAS to Resolute ISR, Inc.

AUGUST 15, 2020 - American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) is pleased to announcethe AiRanger™ #UAS platform designed for commercial operations in support of critical infrastructure missions. The Resolute Eagle™ has been sold to Resolute ISR, Inc. and will support government operations worldwide.

AiRanger Group 3 BVLOS #UAS platform is designed for commercial operations insupport of critical infrastructure and emergency response missions. AiRanger is on a pathto achieve Type Certification for commercial operation in the National Airspace.

Resolute Eagle is a reconfigurable Group 3 aircraft with a flight endurance of 12 to 18+ hours depending on configuration. It is runway independent and offers the VTOL configuration for deployment and recovery in challenging conditions, including maritime and special operations.

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