American Aerospace® Announces Opening of Office in Silicon Valley


Innovative Long Range Drone Company Opens Office in Moffett Field, California

PHILADELPHIA, PA & MOFFETT FIELD, CA – American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI), an industry leader and innovator in sensors, analytics and long range drones for energy industry and emergency management applications, announces the opening of an office in the heart of Silicon Valley. This new location, at the NASA Research Park in Moffett Field, will allow AATI to better serve existing and new customers in the western United States.

David Yoel, CEO of AATI, said, “American Aerospace is thrilled to establish this new operation in California. My original introduction to civilian applications of long range drones was at a flight demonstration organized by the NASA’s Ames Research Center in 2006. It’s great to be back in California at the dawn of a new era in civil unmanned aviation, when long range drones take to the skies in a big way.”

AATI will be re-locating members of its Philadelphia Headquarters operations team to help staff the Silicon Valley office, as well as recruiting new team members from the Bay Area to advance its work with NASA as well as its analytics and deep learning solutions. American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) is an employee/investor owned company with offices in Conshohocken, PA and Mountain View, CA. Investors include Khosla Ventures, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm. It has been flying long range drones in the National Airspace System since 2010, conducting research in critical applications such as wildland fire fighting and hurricane response. Since 2012 it has been developing sensors and analytics to improve aerial patrol of pipeline and power line corridors. AATI sensors have been flown in manned aircraft for hundreds of hours over thousands of miles of corridors. More recently, as the era of civil unmanned aviation dawns, drones have been added to the effort. Along with building industrial-grade drone systems, AATI provides aerial patrol, mapping and inspection services using both manned & unmanned aircraft

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