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American Aerospace completes AiRanger BVLOS factory expansion

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Sterling, VA (JUNE 30, 2022) - American Aerospace Technologies, Inc., the leader in airborne intelligence for energy and utility infrastructure operators, has completed the expansion of its AiRanger Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) production facility. Located inSterling, American Aerospace ISR, LLC engineers, manufactures and certifies the AiRanger UAS. Delivered by Prologis, the global leader of modern logistics real estate, the facility expansion doubles production capacity to nearly 150 aircraft per year.

The AiRanger is a medium altitude, long endurance unmanned aircraft with 18’ wingspan,220-pound max gross takeoff weight, 15+ hour endurance, 15,000’ MSL ceiling, 75-pound payload capacity and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) range of over 750-miles. The AiRanger is pioneering the way in Group 3 UAS commercialization with a maturing FAA Type Certification application for this aircraft. BVLOS UAS represent the next revolution in unmanned aviation: safer, greener, moreefficient and more persistent aircraft that transform aerial patrol of critical infrastructure. AATI partnered with Prologis to design and build a state-of-the-art facility, which will convert select offices to warehouse space to help drive logistics efficiencies. Further, Prologis upgraded the facility’s power and installed new LED lighting throughout the building to help minimize environmental impact. “Our goal is to support our customers’ growth and success by working with them to create the ideal facility for their needs,” said Prologis’ local SVP, Market Officer, Danielle Schline. “This project does exactly that by delivering a customized expansion that will allow AATI to double its annual aircraft production.” The project was supported by a strategic partnership with the Loudoun CountyDepartment of Economic Development. AATI is committed to making a positive impactwithin the local community through business operations and contributing to job creation. “We are beyond thrilled to welcome this growth of production capabilities for American Aerospace Technologies,” stated Buddy Rizer, Executive Director of Loudoun Economic Development, “UAS is an exciting industry that is rising to new heights in Loudoun Countythanks to the investment of pioneer companies like AATI. We look forward to our continued partnership that will further accelerate this industry’s growth in the county.” About American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. Founded in 2002, AATI is a leader in intelligent airborne sensing and surveillance servicesfor energy and other critical infrastructure. We deliver services with conventional aircraft, drones and medium altitude, long endurance unmanned aircraft. AATI has been flying long endurance UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in the national airspace systemsince 2010.

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