American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. brings UAS to the refining industry


PHILADELPHIA, PA – American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) of Conshohocken, PA has entered into a contract with a major refined products supplier. As per the contract, AATI is providing remote sensing data collection services using unmanned aerial vehicles at refineries and at facilities along pipelines.  AATI is also collecting data by employing their sensors on manned aircraft and providing the collected data to the customer.

The contract will enable the safe and legal utilization of UAS and the latest remote sensing technology at facilities and along pipelines to:

  1. Patrol pipelines for threats in near real time

  2. Inspect the condition of critical infrastructure at facilities

American Aerospace Technologies Inc. (AATI) has been developing sensors and systems to improve aerial patrol of pipeline corridors since 2010. Until recently this work focused on machinery threat and leak detection on standard patrol aircraft. AATI sensors have been flown in manned aircraft for hundreds of hours over thousands of miles of pipeline corridors. More recently drones have been added to the effort, including long-endurance unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for pipeline and electrical transmission line patrol and small electric drones for use at facilities and for tower inspection. Along with building systems, AATI provides aerial patrol, mapping and inspection services using both manned & unmanned aircraft.

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