InstiMaps™ Offers Customized, Near Real-Time Airborne Imagery and Information Service To Local Law E

Customized, Turn-key Technology Solution Unique, Invaluable Tool to Monitor Events & Emergencies, Pinpoint Threats From the Sky 


CONSHOHOCKEN, PA — InstiMaps™ is an airborne, cloud-connected imagery and data capture and communication system that can enhance law enforcement and other public safety agencies’ abilities to monitor events and speed inter-agency communication and response times.

A patented suite of sensor and data communications systems, InstiMaps can deliver base imagery and critical updates within minutes to browser enabled mobile and command center devices via a common, secure downloadable application.

“Local law enforcement agencies, which play a critical role in the security and safety of our communities during planned and unplanned events, can now take advantage of very advanced airborne data systems once available only to agencies with big budgets. Using our cost-effective InstiMaps solution, local public safety officials can patrol from the sky and gather imagery and intelligence in near real-time to transmit to authorized field personnel and command centers simultaneously,” said David Yoel, founder and CEO of American Aerospace Technologies Inc., which created and offers InstiMaps service.

“Public safety agencies no longer need to rely on out-of-date maps, or other base imagery for critical planning and decision-making. Instead, local teams can access the most up-to-date and accurate view of what’s happening on the ground in their locality, tailored to specific needs,” he said.

Practical applications for law enforcement and public safety include:

• Event security – Provide any command post and field personnel with a new real-time, common operating picture. Map a parade or marathon route in advance, and provide near real-time updates on the day of the event.

• Post-disaster and emergency response – Deploy field teams with a clear picture of any situation on the ground. After a hurricane, airborne aircraft equipped with InstiMaps systems report back on road closings and infrastructure integrity in near real-time. No need to await radio communications or post-flight reporting.

• Site survey and progress tracking – Share critical data with your entire team in near real-time in situations including natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes or floods.

• Linear infrastructure monitoring – Create a visual record of an entire road or waterway network and build critical maps for better integrity management and compliance that can be updated regularly.

USFWS-mantoloking NJ-Thompson

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, this image was taken from a manned aircraft over Mantoloking, NJ, by AATI using a prototype of its automated InstiMaps product. The image of the Mantoloking Bridge and the tidal breach of the barrier island in 2012 demonstrated InstiMaps ability to be deployed on manned or unmanned aircraft, automatically capture critical on-the-ground imagery, and was provided to first responders as a public service. Today, InstiMaps provides higher-resolution imagery using a cloud-based solution via 4G wireless networks.

American Aerospace offers advanced customizable payloads and analytics that operate on manned aircraft and drones to deliver monitoring, inspection, patrol and mapping services. InstiMaps Cloud™ Alert & Data Service delivers critical imagery and alerts in near real-time across the enterprise. American Aerospace also designs, builds and delivers Mobile Operations Centers for efficient transport and safe operation of drones and unmanned aircraft systems.

Current American Aerospace customers include major oil and gas pipeline concerns that require regular monitoring, mapping and patrol services to ensure the integrity of their infrastructure. American Aerospace also has contracted to provide airborne LTE operations services to communications-denied environments in remote areas and to communities in post-disaster environments.

About American Aerospace American Aerospace is a pioneer in the growing field of airborne enterprise systems and is based on Conshohocken, PA, with offices in Mountain View, CA. Through its InstiMaps™ products and services line, the company offers advanced sensors and analytics that operate on manned and unmanned aircraft and small electric drones to deliver near real-time inspection, patrol and mapping services. To learn more about American Aerospace, visit

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