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Webinar on Airborne Threat Detection for the Pipeline Industry Scheduled for Wednesday, April 11

I am excited to be participating in a webinar — sponsored by the Pipeline Research Council International and scheduled for Wednesday, April 11, at 11 AM — entitled: “Overview of Development and Performance of the PRCI Automated Threat Detection System (ATDS) Prototype (ROW-3).”

It may sound a little dry to the uninitiated. However, for American Aerospace Technologies and for me personally, it is the capstone of many years of applied research in the field of airborne intelligence gathering.

Fact: Pipeline incidents cost oil and gas companies an estimated $350M annually in Property Damage, Liability and Lost Production.

In 2010, American Aerospace and the Pipeline Research Council joined in the endeavor to create a prototype Automated Threat Detection System (ATDS). The ATDS we developed is an aerospace-grade, commercially available aircraft-mounted technology system capable of automatically acquiring, analyzing, and communicating data that identifies pipeline Right-of-Way (ROW) machinery threats with high resolution geo-located visible and calibrated long wave infrared imagery in near real-time.

Prediction: Airborne data acquired by critical infrastructure operators will grow nearly 10-fold in next 5 years to 7,000+ Petabytes in year 2021.

The ATDS prototype was a hardware package for pipeline patrol aircraft with cameras and sensors, onboard data collection system, and integrated software. InstiMaps builds on the experience gained, with industry support and insights, to deliver near real-time alerts and data from the aircraft using our state-of-the-art geospatial cloud capability to the market.

InstiMaps flies on standard manned, patrol aircraft as well as long endurance/long-range unmanned aircraft.

Today, InstiMaps meets industries’ needs for improved patrol and monitoring of critical infrastructure with its “plug-and-play” integration on standard patrol aircraft. However, with the future in mind, it has the capability to fly on long-range, long-endurance unmanned aircraft.

The webinar is based on the final report for the last stage of the development and analysis of the prototype. Joining me in a 90-minute panel discussion will be Mark Piazza, Integrity Management, Colonial Pipeline; senior consulting scientist Don Price; Mike McCutcheon, Threat Management, TransCanada; David Yoel, Founder and CEO, American Aerospace Technology Inc., and Dr. Vijay Asari, University of Dayton Ohio Research Scholars Endowed Chair in Wide Area Surveillance.

Not only will I be discussing the final report, but I also will offer a glimpse of the additional work we at American Aerospace have done. Our goal has been to advance our InstiMaps product to serve pipeline and infrastructure companies as well as the coastal management and first responder communities.

Join us. For details, go to:

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