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Reinventing airborne intelligence for critical infrastructure & disaster response

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Flight Services
AiRanger UAS
InstiMaps nRT Mapping Sensors
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OSCAR Oil Spill Sensors
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Scientists, Engineers, Aviators and More

AATI is a remote sensing, flight systems and flight services company. We lead the way in UAS and patrol of critical infrastructure.

AI-Enabled  Aircraft Empowerment

AATI is a leader in intelligent airborne sensing and surveillance services for energy and other critical infrastructure. We deliver services with conventional aircraft, drones and medium altitude, long endurance unmanned aircraft. AATI has been flying long endurance UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in the national airspace system since 2010.



Advanced AI driven solutions that provide safer, greener, and more efficient operations to protect critical infrastructure

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln


American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. approaches each job with a smart solutions mindset. Our team of dedicated scientists, pilots and innovators analyze each case to ensure the appropriate use of technology to meet each unique set of challenges. AATI has built a reputation of reliability and versatility in critical infrastructure threat detection and reporting by selecting and implementing the right tool for the right job.

From flying UAS in the national airspace to critical infrastructure inspection to real time threat detection and reporting, AATI is committed to continuously redefining what's possible by using the most advanced technologies in the industry. 


Critical Infrastructure Patrol

AATI offers critical infrastructure patrol with conventional aircraft across North America and Western Europe. Ideal for linear infrastructure patrol such as oil & gas pipelines, our InstiMaps sensor can automatically detect and report threats in near real-time.


UAS Management Systems and Policy Development

Our dedicated team has over 75 years in Aviation Policy and Standards Development. We help customers balance their vision of the future with a clear understanding of evolving regulatory environment.  

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Sensor Integration, Test and Development

AATI integrates advanced sensors with manned aircraft, UAS and sUAS - enabling safe and efficient test, evaluation, and operation. We’ve integrated and tested many cutting-edge sensors and payloads.


Unmanned Flight Services

AATI has been flying long-endurance Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) “beyond visual line of sight” (BVLOS) in the National Airspace System since 2010. AATI has operated under many FAA-approved Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COAs) and completed hundreds of safe and successful BVLOS UAS flights across the country.

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